October 20, 2020

We all know that October is the month of our ultimate fun and exciting festival - Halloween! It is the time of the year where we can express our love for horror, gothic, and dark side of our lives. So much to do, so many things to prepare for this once in a year time right? Don't want to regret it for not having enough/good sources to kickstart it? Here's something! We have filtered our most favorite blogs about Halloween to help save your time from finding best blogs/info/ideas to get it all perfectly prepared. Get your note ready!

1- : 5 ways to reduce your environmental impact + still have a great Halloween by   Bare Market

Although getting new and awesome Halloween customs is important, we still have to take care of our planet. "Halloween can be very daunting holiday for the eco-conscious consumer." Taking their amazing tips to enjoy your Halloween without harming the environments. 

2-: 31 Days of Halloween 2020 by Spirit
31 days of Halloween

We don't want to wait until 31st to celebrate this spooky festive! It's not about custom party and drinks at night only, using this creative Halloween calendar will definitely make you enjoy Halloween to the fullest. 

3-: 31 HALLOWEEN BOOKS TO READ THIS OCTOBER by Spooky Little Halloween

Reading can be done in many ways. Not only we can learn from reading but we also can celebrate festival through reading books about it. This blog recommends books to read up to 31 books, thus you can freely enjoy reading all the Halloween chills. Fiction, non-friction - where's your tea at? 

4-: Halloween Costume Contest by Halloween Love
Halloween Costume Contest 2020

Don't waste your time creating your awesome custom for only parties! Why not join this costume contest and win some prizes? Because you deserve it! Not only about the prizes though, join the contest and meet new creative people, and of course have fun at the same time too. Who wouldn't love the thrill of being in the competition, small or large one counts. 

5-: Halloween recipes by GoWISEUSA

Any kind of festival season, there is a time where we all gather as whole family to eat together. Impress your family members with this awesome Halloween recipes idea from GoWISEUSA. They'll be drooling!

6-: DIY Gold Painted Pumpkins by Paper Raven Co.

You know that creativity is a skill right? We all can do it by ourselves using our own creativity. We love this idea of DIY pumpkins by Paper Raven Co. You are good to go whenever you're ready to showcase your talents! 

Dog laying on couch

After all the hard works decorating the ghost-ish look for your home, you would not want it ruined by your beloved pets right? Of course, you would not have time to enjoy the festive if you have to keep guard off your pets from ruining all the decoration. Read this tips from Copper Paws and you can get the rested-mind and enjoy the Halloween to the fullest.  

8-: The History of Halloween by Smiffys
The History of Halloween

There is always a story behind everything that happened in this world. We can't celebrate it for nothing right? Be the coolest aunt/uncle of the year and tell the kids about all of these historical Halloween facts written by Smiffys. 

9-: 40 Fun Halloween Party Games That All Ages Can Play at Home by The Oprah Magazine
ouija board

Never not including games ideas for Halloween! Thinking of what games that are fun and suitable for each festival can be big of the deal. Taking these ideas of games to play in this Halloween may help you save plenty of times to think back of what you have played last year. 

10-: Prevent Halloween Makeup Acne by Clearogen
halloween makeup

After all the fun, it's all about the clean up, this includes your face too. Check this blog about how to prevent acne from your Halloween make up, so you'll look fresh again and ready for the warm and cozy Christmas that are just two months away. 

All in good times! We hope you find this blog helpful for your re-search on ways to make your Halloween celebration the fullest of all. Happy Halloween! 

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